Project List

Some of the projects that I have done in the past.
This list is in progress. TODO list: Sources for most, compiled executables and examples, manuals, better descriptions.


Playlist for MediaElementJS

This is a plug-in for the MediaElementJS project.


jQuery Scrollbar

A highly flexible jQuery scrollbar.


jQuery Autoscroller

A simple autoscroller that can infinitely scroll up or down or reverse scrolling when the top or bottom is reached.


MAG Skill Tree

Skill tree calculator for a game called MAG. Use it!

Random Quote Widget

Flips through a defined set of quotes. The length of time each quote is displayed depends on the number of lines.

Quotes are stored in a JSON file and a Python script is included that will create the JSON file.

Example and Source


A JS port of a Tic-Tac-Toe game that I originally wrote in Java. This is one of my first serious attempts at JavaScript.

Source and Example


PHP Library

A library of functions and classes that I use on most of my projects.



File Renamer

Using a near minial set of tokens you can rename files in bulk.

Source and Example


A simple messenger with group chat and file transfer.

Media Snatcher

Crawls and snatches content from websites. How it crawls, what it snatches, and how it stores the content is configurable.
Will be on GitHub around Feb. 1. Having an issue after updating to the latest version of the Apache HTTP client. Will fix when I have time.

Pic Snatcher

Initially made to snatch pictures off websites. However, it can be used to snatch any group of files that have a pattern. No longer being improved since the media snatcher project is much easier to use.

Java Library

Library of classes built over time.


Duplicate File Remover

Compares files byte by byte and removes the duplicates. Duplicates can either be moved to a folder or deleted.

Java MUD

A text based multiplayer game server based heavily on SMAUG.


Elder Scrolls Alchemy

Simple alchemy helpers for Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Includes ingredients added by expansions but not mods.



MVC Website Skeleton

A skeleton for PHP websites based on the MVC model. This website is built with it.

Web based audio mixer Currently proprietary

Project allows a user to create their own on-hold messages.