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10/9/2011: Updated MediaSnatcher Java program. Can now process even the worst written pages. A few bug fixes/improvements as well.
Contact page fixed(whoops!).

5/25/2011: File browser taken down. Search engines are not treating it right. I tell them no and they don't listen.

4/28/2011: Summation of the last 2 months.

2/1/2011: Black Ops challenge list is available! However I need more data! Use the form on the challenge page to send it. I mainly need the ending phases and a few of the phase objectives. The reward would be nice too.

So far just a collection of my personal projects. Links to are on the right.
1/20/2011: Added more Java programs! Duplicate file remover, File renamer, Clock set(clocks, timers, etc), an Oblivion alchemy utility, and the infant form of my Media Snatcher. I'll be releasing my Media Snatcher some time soon. Adding a way for add-ons to have option pages.

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